Usability Testing

Watch your users stress-test your design! Usability testing is the most powerful tool to discover if your design works. Does your design meet your users expectations? Do they navigate? Are they confused? Do they make mistakes? 

Most of all usability testing can help you avoid features that confuse or complicate. Usability testing can give you an insight into how your users think using "Think Aloud". Give your users tasks and watch them sweat! User testing is the best way to improve the quality or mitigate the risk of delivering a poor user experience. Our usability testing is Agile-friendly so you can quickly use insights. 

Top 3 Benefits:

  • Measure success directly from your users.
  • Get validation on your design direction.
  • Optimize conversion and user adoption.

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User Research

Target your customers, better-- target their behavior, workflow and cultural triggers. Day-in-the-life visits or contextual interviews take place in your customer's home or workplace. This context research aims to intercept how and why users relate to your brand and how they go about solving their problems. Whether it's a purchase decision or just getting something done, aligning design decisions to actual user behavior is vital to profitability. 

Gaining empathy from field studies is a powerful tool for Design Thinking. Personas are design tools we use to map user needs to your features and functionality-- for improvement or for innovation. Our field studies are Agile-friendly so you can quickly use insights. 

Top 3 Benefits of Field Studies:

  • Understand what users desire most.
  • Uncover the motivational and emotional aspects of your UX (desirability).
  • Figure out what content, features and functionality users really need. 

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Accessibility Testing

Make sure your design really works for users with disabilities. Our accessibility audit and accessibility testing can help you make your design universally accessible. 

Accessibility testing involves in-person interviews with disabled users in their homes or work places, using their assistive technology. This gives you an accurate insight into specific accessibility issues. Our accessibility testing is Agile-friendly so you can quickly optimize your code. 

Top 3 Benefits:

  • Make your design work for everyone!
  • Adhere to Section 508 and new US Federal standards for video and mobile accessibility.
  • Improve browser standards (W3C) and usability performance.  

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Expert Reviews

Expert reviews give you a fast way to audit or benchmark your existing or proposed design. The expert review combines the power of user advocacy, best practice guidelines and user interface style guide adherence. 

The design review checks your design for known issues, problems and opportunities. A list of heuristics (guidelines) and usability best practices are evaluated-- specific to your design and industry. 

Top 3 Benefits:

  • Identify issues and opportunities with your design.
  • Audit your user experience- see how you are doing.
  • Get recommendations on how to improve your design or conversion paths. 

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Eye Tracking

Eye-tracking shows you where your users eye-brain is really looking. A window into how your users are thinking, our eye-tracking technology is state-of-the-art in its non-intrusiveness and accuracy. 

Our eyetracker is portable and can be taken anywhere for fast, just-in-time eyetracking of Desktop, Web and Mobile designs. 

Top 3 Benefits:

  • Reduce risk of deploying a design with poor usability.
  • Watch your customer heat-map your design. 
  • Pinpoint irrelevant or offending aspects of your design. 

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Interaction Design

Underneath every design is an interaction model. This model dictates how a user interacts with an interface. Interaction Design maps out the flow, navigation and use of each aspect of functionality, including your conversion path and call to action. Wireframes are the main output of this User Interface (UI) prototyping effort.  

Our Interaction Design process starts with mapping persona needs and desires to the wireframe. User research is used to gain insight, advocacy and empathy for user goals. Interaction Design lets you explore concepts and ideas and test them with users. 

Top 3 Benefits:

  • Strategically plan every step of your user experience. 
  • Bring usability best practices to your design process. 
  • Create a blueprint or UI specification to keep developers on track. 

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Service Design

Service Design is a process for identifying and co-creating value between stakeholders (customers and organizations). It starts with identifying needs and breakpoints in the Customer Journey and then identifies changes needed by employees, policies, procedures, 3rd parties, or systems required to support a whole system approach to change.

Service Design aims to improve efficiency, cost, customer service, and customer experience. It may include a digital and/or cross-channel experience. It is essential for any service delivery, in any industry, and especially important for services delivered cross-channel (eg. via mobile apps).

Service Design leverages Design Thinking and UX techniques such as User Research (Ethnography, User Testing) and combines them with new techniques (Service Safaris, Service prototyping, Service Blueprinting) which aid in planning, proofing and measuring the success of service implementation and delivery.


Top 3 Benefits:

  • Employees are included as key actors in the process (and delivery).
  • Stakeholders drive the process, with shared value discovered and realized.
  • Improve back-end as well as front-end system efficiency and customer experience.

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Mobile Usability

Mobile usability is more important than ever. Users complain that mobile sites and apps that don't perform to their expectations are easily abandoned. 

Designing mobile websites and apps requires the same level of adherence to usability as for Desktop, if not more. Don't make the same mistakes you made on Desktop sites and applications! 

We can help you design not just a usable app or site for mobile (iOS, Android) that's not just easy to use, but emotionally compelling. 

Top 3 Benefits:

  • Avoid risks of offering a sub-par or poor mobile UX.
  • Leverage best practices in user-centered mobile design.
  • Refine your mobile UX using emotion design and social UX. 

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Visual Design

Is eye-candy important? You bet! At least that's what the research shows: You have 50 milliseconds (0.5 sec) to make a good impression on a website (Lindgaard et. al. 2006). Google's research (Tuch et. al. 2012) drops it further to 17 milliseconds (0.017 sec) for certain design elements. This means feelings of trust for a design occur without conscious thought. Good visual design impacts whether users perceive it as easy to use, which has been found to impact their intent to purchase. 

Your choice of graphic design, layout, icons, typography and user interface elements are hugely important to perceived ease of use. Our visual designers can help you look cutting edge, intuitive and easy to use. 

Top 3 Benefits:

  • UX and visual / graphic design all under one roof.
  • Keep the UX from getting lost from your well intending designers. 
  • Get new ideas and inspiration from world-class designers. 

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Human Centered Design Approach

Watch a short video on our proven methodology:

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Learn how to design user interfaces for Mobile, Desktop or Websites/ Web applications. We are a world leader in user experience trainings. We have been providing online usability seminars since 2002 to teams like Apple,, Citigroup, Toyota, Fujitsu, Nike, Yahoo!, Regence, Sage, Intel and Intuit. 

Our in-house UX trainings- at your office- have been delivered over 15 years to companies like: Capital One, HP, Microsoft, IBM, KeyBank, Providence Health System, GE Security and dozens of others. 

"I didn't know what to expect from this training and I can say it more than exceeded my expectations. Two thumbs up and thank you for your good energy". -Product Design manager Logitech

Top 3 Benefits of taking a UX training with Experience Dynamics:

  • Trainer with deep experience 18 years training; 15 years usability consulting to Fortune 500.
  • Hands on learning that's brain-friendly (fun and practical).
  • Learn from our mistakes and successes.

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