Field Studies

Uncover what features really matter to your users.

A redesign with personas can provide a return of investment up to four times more than without. (Forrester Research)

Unlike market research, traditional requirements gathering or surveys, Experience Dynamics ethnographic field studies focus on observing, capturing and analyzing user behavior (not opinions). The focus is on how users solve their problems (tasks). User interviews capture artifacts, goals, motivations and attributes of your company’s target customers.


A fundamental design tool for planning your UX Design. Consists of day-in-the-life user interviews and behavioral observations. Provides empathy and understanding of users, tasks, goals, culture and context of use. Field studies help identifying your most valuable personas; help you map pain points along the user journey and gain valuable insight into what features users really need.


  • Refine or define your design strategy.
  • Understand what your users desire most.
  • Provides guidance to design phase.
  • Figure out what your users really need.
  • Uncover the right features and functionality.
  • Discover hidden opportunities in what competitors offer or how users solve problems in a way you never anticipated.

Methods we use:

Personas, Field Studies, Ethnography, Diary Studies, Journey Maps.


Field Study findings report. Personas defined. Journey Maps created. Includes design recommendations.