top ux design agency- Experience Dynamics
 Since 2001 Experience Dynamics has been providing UX Design consulting.  In March 2019, the UX agency was evaluated as a leading UX agency by Clutch ratings. Clutch also currently ranks Experience Dynamics in the top 4 UX firms nationally, and in the top 450 globally.
A B2B ratings and reviews site, Clutch has imbued the typical review collection process with a personal touch. Their analysts often speak with a company’s clients directly, gathering feedback that is insightful and offers a true window into a partnership with that firm. Clutch uses this research to organize the thousands of companies on the site into a directory with multiple shortlists, guiding buyers in their decision-making process. "It is a great achievement to be ranked in the list of top designers with so many reputable firms featured, and a tribute to our clients and the positive feedback they’ve taken the time to provide", said Alison Gavine, Managing Partner at Experience Dynamics.
Clutch's recognition can be attributed to Experience Dynamics attentiveness to detail in research and design, performing at the highest level possible, and a consistent ability to deliver. Alison Gavine, Managing Partner at Experience Dynamics commented on the significance of this recognition: 
“We really value being ranked a UX leader by Clutch. Unlike every other award in the industry that you pay to be entered into, Clutch bases their analysis on client feedback and actual performance, not a panel judging your artwork. We go out of our way to serve our clients and give them the highest quality UX in the industry, so this recognition means a lot to us.”  
About Experience Dynamics 
Experience Dynamics is an award-winning User Experience (UX) consulting firm that uses real-world research to help Fortune 500 clients engage, improve and innovate user interface (UI) designs for digital experiences. Since 2001, we have helped marketers, product managers and technologists achieve higher levels of user engagement, efficiency and conversion. The firm specializes in emotion, gamification and collaboration for B2B and B2C clients focusing on application UX design of Desktop, Web, Mobile and VR/AR.