Wells Fargo

How Wells Fargo improved a clunky search experience and empowered the call center
Wells Fargo
User Research, UI Prototyping, User Testing

The Story 

Wells Fargo, the nation’s second largest bank, prides itself on customer service. The bank’s National Business Banking Center houses the call center that handles customer service and support for corporate and business customers. Behind the customer service center sits a large information repository that provides instant answers to often complex customer inquiries. For Wells Fargo, having customer service representatives focusing on delivering relevant and sensible answers to just-in-time information requests, was critical to delivering a good experience. 

The Challenge

Wells Fargo wanted to improve the information search experience for it’s customer service agents, in order to empower them to deliver better service. Agents browse a SharePoint information portal while on the phone, and need to locate and communicate key information like policies and procedures clearly and expertly. 

The challenge was how to take this vast information portal with thousands of pages of reference material,  complex product and service content-- only searchable via a convoluted search user interface (UI)-- and make that drop dead easy.