Pendleton Woolen Mills

Understanding key priorities for optimizing ecommerce checkout and conversion
Pendleton Woolen Mills
Ethnography, Usability Testing

The Story

In preparation to move ecommerce to a Responsive mobile-friendly design, Pendleton Woolen Mills wanted to know if the current site and content were supporting ecommerce goals to fullest. Were any design elements, technical or usability issues causing checkout abandonment? Was there any content or navigation tweak that could aid purchase decisions and improve site flow?

The Challenge

Pendleton Woolen Mills, like most ecommerce brands, use third party ecommerce software. Gaining behavioral usability insight into the entire customer journey would provide a better understand of customer priorities, that if fixed, could better serve the ecommerce site and brand experience. However, not everything was “edit-able”, much of the navigation for example was hard coded. Page templates and layouts were also fixed. Before deciding what to rip out or custom build, Pendleton Woolen Mills needed to know what customers were finding problematic or irritating.