Improving search filters on a critical compliance tracking system
User Research, Rapid UI Prototyping, Usability Testing

The Story 

Nike, the word’s largest supplier of athletic shoes and apparel and sports equipment carefully tracks the promotional presentation of its logo by athletes and professionals in the field. The system that monitors compliance allows for friends and family to benefit from a merchandise budget. Violations to terms and agreements are accounted for in a web application. And violations, which are common, can add up to a lot of lost merchandise perks and revenue for Nike.  

The Challenge 

Nike’s Sports Marketing team carefully tracks legal contracts with sports athletes. A contract dictates how an athlete will present the branded merchandise they will wear while performing the sport. Any violations to this contract are recorded and penalizations are tracked in the database. 

With thousands of athletes to track, Nike needed a way to easily allow a small team of internal users to easily search and take action on violations to contract agreements. A system was in place but the technology was dated and search was not easy. Too many fields, too many filters, icons and UI elements made the experience inefficient.