designing for social distancing webinar

Let's face it, the fun factor in being online and being in consumer spaces has disappeared. 

Is social distancing the new social norm for the foreseeable future? If it is, we need to understand the problem space we are designing for with regard to what we know about social user experience, including collaboration, privacy, space, and expectation-setting. Already we have seen problems with adherence to post-COVID attempts to regulate social behavior. Without good user experience, this situation could lead to more COVID infection waves or the use of authoritarian rules, or "bad for the brand" methods of channeling consumer behavior in retail and public spaces. 

Brands and government bodies face a challenge, but so too do software development makers of tools that are now essential to our distance (online) working, learning, and socializing.   In addition to service experiences and spaces, current tools lack sufficient user experience innovation for sustained and prolonged use at home.  Communication platforms (eg Zoom, HouseParty), Learning Management (classroom and learning tools), and today's VR/AR are nowhere near being ready for the future we have entered. 

Building on the part 1 webinar (presented one month into COVID-19 Lockdown-- watch that first if you have not already--see below), we will contemplate the challenges and necessary approaches for the design of physically embodied, remote collaboration and service experiences that are urgently in need of just-in-time innovation. We will do this by reviewing existing methods and insights the field of UX offers, to provide motivating, enforceable-- yet fun socially distant, and social distancing experiences. 


Free Webinar: Friday June 26th 7AM PST; (10AM EST; 3PM GMT)

1 Public spaces and private spaces 
2 UX for social distancing- social and emotional considerations 
3 Collaboration UX and Collaborative UI design
4 Motivation and compliance- gamification hacks
5 Q&A

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