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News update: We've created a new UX training program for mastering VR/AR UX Design.  Over 2018, you will see more webinars announced in our Experience Dynamics' Mastering VR/AR User Experience Design webinar series.

This webinar series is based on two years of intensive VR/AR design and research in addition to Frank Spillers 20 year VR background he has leveraged to create this important new training for the next wave of Immersive User Interfaces. 

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Storytelling is quickly emerging as a key UX design skill for designing immersive experiences. While VR storytelling is typically equated with 3D filmmaking, it actually has a place in both AR and VR. In this webinar we will learn how AR and VR can benefit from good storytelling UX design. We will cover 7 essential VR storytelling techniques that anyone designing for VR UX can benefit from!

In this webinar we will go beyond traditional storytelling and apply the essential approach of storytelling as an immersive experience design tool. Storytelling as an interaction design skill, needs to be understood in the context of UI's that are diagetic. Diagetic UI's are images, sounds, feelings that are embedded in a virtual or augmented environment (eg footsteps behind you) vs. ones that are over-laid on top of the experience (eg navigation map showing you where you are). 

“I think we're moving into a dangerous medium with virtual reality...The only reason I say it is dangerous is because it gives the viewer a lot of latitude not to take direction from the storytellers but make their own choices of where to look.”    -Steven Spielberg

In this webinar we will go behind that danger referred to by Stephen Spielberg and understand how to design narrative mechanics that are relevant to immersive media and that increase presence in your virtual or augmented experience. You will learn how VR storytelling is intertwined in the immersive narrative, and how AR storytelling for mixed reality can act as a container for your experience. In VR/AR we will see how storytelling helps you avoid boring interaction design, an engagement killer in VR/AR UX design. 


1. Why Storytelling for all VR/AR experiences?

2.  7 Storytelling Essentials for VR/AR (and why they matter)

3. Empathy vs. Interactivity: design questions and considerations

4. Q&A

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