Low effort discovery

Gravy is a mobile app that helps users find events in their local area. "Gravy" is street slang for awesome. Reaching over 25 million people everyday, Gravy lists local events for 1 million businesses across the US. Gravy wanted to relaunch their brand and refresh their app. They were thinking of using emotion design, so they turned to Experience Dynamics to learn how to use mood in the new design feature. Gravy needed rapid wireframing to flesh out some concepts. We helped them visualize how mood might help users find content that would otherwise require a lot of extra finger work on the mobile device.

Pick a mood, discover events

Experience Dynamics catalogued moods and narrowed them to fit the database of select-able events. We wanted an interface that was quick, playful and fun. Working with the Gravy team, we narrowed wireframe iterations rapidly. In total we created 10 different interface selector options for mobile. The concepts were exactly in line with what Gravy's marketing and product team had been envisioning.

We prototyped and created visual design concepts to capture the new search filter feature. Gravy was able to solve a challenging UI problem and come up with an elegant solution that helped differentiate their mobile user experience with emotion design and a touch of fun . After all, who isn't in the mood for that?


Together with strategic refreshes to the app, the new mood navigation interface has been well received by users. Users can find events more quickly with less navigating. A win for both the product team and the apps' users!

Now that's gravy ;-)






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