Alison Gavine, MA (Global Research Director & Managing Partner)

Alison Gavine has an uncompromising interest in understanding real user needs and connecting those to implementable service and product experiences.  She spent 10 years of the earlier part of her career working with government and non-profits to impact policy change and social change/ community development throughout the UK. Today, as a Managing Partner at Experience Dynamics, she brings this passion for helping mission-driven organizations make an impact on the world, through Digital Transformation. Alison currently leads Experience Dynamics Global User Research practice. 

Alison received her Master of Arts in Psychology (MA) from Dundee University, Scotland. Alison brings a combined twenty-five years of management experience with an emphasis on user experience, community-centered design, user advocacy, and service design. Alison has a wealth of experience in the government and nonprofit sectors. She has an established track record of understanding community needs and translating those into strategies for engaging disaffected communities. Alison was practicing community-centered design before it was recognized as a mainstream approach. Alison has worked with numerous clients including The Community Development Foundation (UK Govt), Global Disability Rights Now!, Women Enabled International, Oregon Health and Sciences University, Microsoft, Providence Health and Services, Multnomah County Library, City of Portland, State of Oregon, City of New York. 

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